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Not Your Typical Spanish Souvenirs Ideas

We all been there. Our vacation days are coming to an end, and we start thinking. What can I bring back home to surprise my family and friends? After having such a blast in Spain how do you share that excitement with them? Or, maybe you have been living in Spain for a few months and are heading back home to visit your family. Keychains, mugs, bottle openers, t-shirts were so last century. It’s time to think outside the box. But don’t worry, I have some souvenirs and gift ideas for you.

For the foodies


The paellera is the official pan used to make Paellas. They come in different sizes, depending on the number of servings. The smallest one you can get is for two people. One key ingredient of the Spanish paella is the saffron, which you can get for way less money in Spain. Saffron is what gives the rice that special warm color.

Average price for a decent two servings pan: 17 euros 

Best retail location: El Corte Inglés

Traditional Cooking Recipes Book

Spanish cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. Which means that probably the food you try will be a massive part of your holidays. Don’t let your loved ones miss out on the tapas experience, take them back home with you!

Average book price: 10 euros 

Best retail location: El Corte Inglés

Blue Wine

In case you were missing out. Blue wine exists! You can buy it at local supermarkets and wine specialty stores. It’s not the best wine you can get in Spain but is a cool surprise.

Price per bottle: 10-12 euros.

It has been quite a debate in Spain, and I’m not sure if I will get in trouble or not to call it wine. But hey, the drink is made out of grapes and it takes like white wine. So, why fight it?

Serrano Ham Flavored Chips

Although a serrano ham flavored potato chip may sound weird. It tastes really good! Trust me. This Ruffles flavor it’s exclusively sold in Spain, and it’s very popular among locals.

In the United States and Puerto Rico, you cannot bring in Serrano Ham, Chorizo or any kind of meat products back home. It’s against the law. If you do, they will be taken away at customs. But, you can always work your way around it with the Serrano Ham Ruffles. 😉

Average price per bag: 2 euros

For the ladies

Rose Petals Rosary Beads

I remember the first time I visited Spain, back in 2013 for a student exchange program people asked me to bring them Rosarys made out rose petals. I was so confused; it’s that even a thing?. But they exist! And actually, they are very easy to find. In the city center, no matter the city, you will find a store that sales religious merch. Also, if you visit some of the impressive Spanish churches, some of them have souvenir stores and museums. Just ask!

Average price: 12 euros

Jewelry from Toledo

Toledo is known for its swords for centuries. Locals have expanded their family-owned business, and now you can buy amazing pieces of jewelry in most of the small city shops.

Spanish Tradicional Fan

As a child, I remember this being a must for every lady going to church on Sunday. Back then, churches did not have AC in Puerto Rico, so the woman of all ages had their own fan. You can go different ways with this souvenir. You can get it as low as 2 euros made in China kind of thing. As well as you can spend 20 euros and get one handmade that looks more elegant. But of them functional of course.

For the little ones

Toys & Books

If you are interested in the little ones in your life learning Spanish as their second language then don’t miss out on buying them educational toys and books in Spain. You can get this at any toy store, Corte Inglés and if it’s Christmas season, even at Carrefour.

Flamenco or Bullfighter Costumes

Perfect for Halloween, birthday parties or for playing dress up. Just make sure that you know the kid clothing size and enjoy and have fun seeing them all dress up. Make sure to take tons of photos.


Hope this post has helped you think outside the box and get your loved ones the kind of souvenir they deserve.

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