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The right way to move to Madrid

On this post, I will cover the fun part of getting started in Madrid. I will write another post discussing the other boring stuff you need to get done after arriving in Spain, like setting up your health insurance, opening bank accounts, visa paperwork, etc. It has been two years since I arrived in Madrid not for the first time, but for the longest time (1 year). I remember being very nervous; I was leaving everything behind. Quitting my current job,…

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Life Lessons Madrid Expat Series

9 Shocking Cultural Differences Between Spanish and United States Culture

I am in a 6-year relationship with a Spanish. Along all of these years, we have faced many cultural differences. We met in 2012, back then he had been living for almost a year in Puerto Rico. At that time he was very used to our expressions and our lifestyle/culture. So there wasn’t a cultural shock back then besides how tall he is and his Spanish accent, of course. I started to notice the cultural differences the first time I…

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What to Buy, and Skip, at Mercadona

Learn what to buy and skip at Mercadona with this shopping guide including all my favorite products. I know that doing grocery shopping in a new country can be overwhelming. Even though you have visited the country before, it’s not the same being a tourist versus becoming a local. I remember the first few times I went to the supermarket. It took me hours to decide what to buy! I didn’t recognize most of the product brands or labels. Let alone…

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Hello world!

Welcome to my little space on the internet. Young and Abroad is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog where I share with you my adventures and lessons learned while living abroad. Thank you for visiting my blog!  …

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